Fields of Specialization

Since establishment, Rivo Bina Sdn Bhd has been actively involved in civil and structural engineering works particularly in relation to precast concrete industries. Besides providing value engineering services, we offer complete design, precast and build solutions to construction industry with innovative precasting techniques and products for various specific project needs.

We focus on two major engineering fields:

wall engineering - Precast Concrete RIVO-WALL System

Sheetpile ST-Series

Sheetpile LS-Series

Drainage / Irrigation Canal, Slope / Riverbank Protection, Marine Jetty, Slipway, Dock, Breakwater, Coastal Protection, Road Embankment, Bridge Abutment, Wingwall.

Tripod Wall Series

Counterfort F-Series

Counterfort C-Series

Retain Earth Platform, Road Embankment, Slope Protection, Bank Stabilization for Canal / Pond / Lake / Lagoon, Coastal Protection.

Bridge Engineering - Precast Concrete RIVO-ARCH System

Closed Spandrel Segmental Arch CS-S Series

Closed Spandrel Panel Arch CS-P Series

Open Spandrel Arch OS-K, OS-M, OS-U Series

Bridge, Stream Enclosure / Wetland Crossing, Road Tunnel, Railway / Airport Overpass / Underpass, Military Bunker, Aircraft Shelter, Underground Utility Vault / Containment Structure River and Crossing, Pedestrian / Vehicular Crossing.

Machinery and Equipment

  • Fleet of cranes including mobile crane and crawler crane ranging from 20 to 160 tons
  • Excavators, low loader, light truck, sky-lift, forklift, bar bender, bar cutter and others
  • Stocks of moulds, and equipments for batching and casting of concrete products
  • Special equipment to cater for specific construction needs can be designed and fabricated in own engineering workshop to meet various project requirements