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Research and development

Our company is commited to continuing R&D efforts to further enhance product features on our patented RIVO-WALL and RIVO ARCH series. New products and systems are introduced to provide reliable and economical precast solutions meeting challenging construction needs. The yearly milestones of our innovative products are charted below.

2004 Sheetpile Wall ST-Series Folded Plate Profile and SectionCustomized Length 4 to 12m
2004 Tripod Wall (Cast in pods) Single Tee Section / Tapering RibSingle Lift up to 9m High
2005 Tripod Wall (With external stumps) Simplified Moulding / Improved ProductivityEase of Adjustment and Installation
2006 Counterfort Wall C-Series Curve Frontal Wall as Wave Reflector
2007 Counterfort Wall F-Series Flat Frontal WallStiffened Semi-Precast Base
2008 Sheetpile Wall LS-Series (Soldierpile) Efficient Tee-Shape Post 6 to 9mSheetpile Shape Lagging Panel 2 to 4m
2009 Sheetpile Wall LS-Series (Soldierpile) Sheetpile Shape Post 6 to 12m & Lagging Panel 2 to 4m
2010 Arch Bridge (Open Spandrel Frame Arch OS-M Series) Unique " Triangular" Framed Arch Element
2011 Arch Bridge (Open Spandrel Frame Arch OS-K Series) Sleek Framed Arch Appearance
2012 Arch Bridge (Closed Spandrel Panel CS-P Series) Robust folded plate section